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Client testimonials

Working with Megan has been a turning point for the book, as she’s sought from the very start to bring the absolute best out of the material and my writing. Throughout the entire process, Megan has been extraordinarily committed, passionate, articulate, detailed and rigorous.
Megan is an expert editor, coach and guide, who confidently leads you to every possible gem hiding between the sentences. She keeps the work focused and taught without stifling or inhibiting the flow. She’s an enthusiastic and joyous brand ambassador who works with immense integrity and significant passion for the craft, while never losing sight of the business aims the book is written to achieve. I can’t recommend her enough. Michael Neaylon, True Brand Toolkit

I was amazed how quickly and thoroughly Megan understood the target vision. Her feedback was spot on, practical, provoking and very encouraging. Filip Dousek, Flock Without Birds

I would recommend Megan to anyone who is serious about writing, or for anyone who needs an excellent editor. Megan is very thorough and professional and honest. She is definitely a thought leader in her industry, and has amazing skills and insight. I have already referred Megan to my business associates and will continue to do so. Angela Vassallo, The Second Wives' Guide

Megan has been a brilliant support. She is positive and motivating; as well as being extremely knowledgeable - but the real proof is that I have been more productive whilst working with Megan than any other time in my life as a writer. Carole Hautot via LinkedIn

Megan did far more and her comments went far deeper than I expected. She was terrific. I am a writer and editor myself - as a result I am VERY fussy. Megan is great. Jo Parfitt, Summertime Books

Without Megan Kerr my book would never have been completed. What I loved about Megan was her certainity, openess and direct communication - basically, she didn't put up with my excuses. She squeezed that book out of me and personally I am thankful and grateful for the finished product. Adrian Rainey, Blood in the Water

Having never written a book previously and writing not being my one true love I was unsure about the book editing process. Megan was recommended to me by an author who has published 16 books so I felt he must know what he was doing and what the requirements of a good editor are. Megan not only edited my book but took me on a developmental journey. Her feedback was always positive but at the same time identifying areas for improvement in my writing. Of which there were lots but that's what she is there for! I would recommend Megan to any budding author as she provided support, assistance and encouragement so that you deliver a product that matches your potential reader’s needs. Michelle Tocci, Time to Create a Better Life

Megan is an editor par excellence. Her suggestions were bang on. Even when I truly didn't want to cut a section, I had to admit in every single case that Megan's proposed changes tightened the narrative and enhanced my message. Snap her up quickly for your book - she's a busy lady and you need her superb skills! Jae Minshall, The Thinking Tank