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Springboard your book

Springboard Your Book

Springboard Your Book is a bespoke, one-to-one coaching programme that takes you from "I want to write a book" to your complete first draft in three, focused months:

Step 1 Your book's perfect plan
Step 2 Great writing, great content
Step 3 Your route to publishing

We work closely together through weekly sessions to map out your book's content and structure, give you feedback on your writing as you go, and keep you on target.

Start immediately with the Find Your Book pack. As soon as we start, I'll send you this pack of key info, inspiration, and quick thought-provoking worksheets. It'll help you identify the book idea that sets you apart and works for your business. Then we're off to a flying start:


Step 1: Your Book's Perfect Plan


“I was amazed how quickly and thoroughly Megan understood the target vision. Her feedback was spot on, practical, and very encouraging.” - Filip Dousek
Progress check: 1/3 of your first draft
  • find your organising principle
  • start writing
  • create a detailed outline
  • map out your book’s schedule


Step 2: Great Writing, Great Content


“The real proof is that I have been more productive whilst working with Megan than any other time in my life as a writer.” Carol Hautot
Progress check: 2/3 of your first draft
  • write easily and naturally
  • connect with your reader
  • offer genuine, practical guidance
  • let your content shine


Step 3: Your Route to Publishing


“an enthusiastic and joyous brand ambassador, never losing sight of the business aims the book is written to achieve” Michael Neaylon
Progress check: your first draft complete!
  • build your community of readers
  • choose your publishing route
  • plan your final draft
  • create your publishing plan

This is a one-to-one mentoring programme

  • one-to-one weekly mentoring
  • expert advice, shaped to your book
  • weekly writing goals to complete your book
  • feedback on your writing, every week

This is not a series of podcasts or PDFs: this is one-to-one mentoring with an established expert. You get one-to-one tuition every week, feedback on everything you write, and writing goals designed to make sure your book becomes real.
This is not one-size-fits-all: the programme is tailored to your business, your book, and your needs.

Save £300 when you book

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You can sign up for 1 month, 2 months, or 3 months, whichever suits you. If you commit to your book and sign up for all 3 months, you save £300.
1 month = £500 each, 2 months = £450 each, 3 months = £400 each.
Plus, to get you off to a running start, I'll send you your Find Your Book coaching pack as soon as you sign up.

Your Find Your Book coaching pack

  • target what your book will do for your business
  • pinpoint your expertise
  • recognise how much material you have
  • identify your book's scope
  • discover what sets you apart from the competition

OUTCOME: The book idea that sets you apart and works for your business

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How the programme works, in detail I have questions...

How the programme works

Before you startYou start with the Find Your Book pack: key info and worksheet activities to get you started. I send you this first because I want you to mull it over. It gets you going fast with quick brainstorming activities and rapid research, but also gives you time for more ideas to bubble to the surface. It'll take you 2 hours - spread over 2 weeks, because your non-thinking thinking time is essential.
You now have: your book's general scope, so we can dive in

Step 1 Your book's perfect plan

In Month 1, we work on a perfect blueprint for your book: an organising principle that works, a solid plan, and a detailed outline, with me advising and guiding you through each step. You also start writing almost immediately, for two reasons. First, waiting for the perfect plan or advice on style will just inhibit you - we need to get the words out, from the start. Second, you time your writing and track your wordcount. This means we can plan the writing as well as the book and create a realistic schedule to make it happen.
Your assignments: weekly assignments for your book plan; weekly writing goals from week 2 onwards
You now have: a complete plan for the book and for writing the book

Step 2 Great writing, great content

Month 2 zooms in on your voice and your writing style. The topics we cover will vary, depending on your book and the writing you've already done - it's shaped exactly to you. We focus on several key areas: writing easily and naturally, connecting with your reader, letting your content shine, being generous with your "how" so you offer your readers genuine practical guidance, and building bridges between the different parts of your book.
Your assignments: weekly writing goals, with specific aims for each one
You now have: a solid foundation in a great style that works for you and the reader

Step 3 Your route to publishing

Month 3 paves the way for getting your book published. You're still writing, now on the home stretch of your first draft. We're also looking ahead, to your book's future. We pick the publishing route that's right for you, start building a community of readers, plan your final draft, and create your publishing plan.
Your assignments: weekly assignments for your publishing plan; weekly writing goals
You now have: a complete first draft of your book, a publishing plan, and a plan for your final draft

What next?

After the 3-month programme, you have a complete first draft, a plan for your final draft, and a publishing plan. I'll advise you on your next step and you can choose what's right for you:

Traditional publishing

We work together to create your perfect submission pack:

  • 3 perfect chapters
  • Annotated table of contents
  • Pitch and cover letter
  • Powerful proposal
  • Winning bio
  • Help finding publishers

Self-publishing Project

We work together to make your self-publishing plan a reality:

  • Pick the right self-publishing company
  • Find your team for each stage
  • Create your pitch and press package
  • Map your schedule

Final Draft Coaching

Get coaching and feedback as you work on your final draft:

  • Feedback on your writing each week
  • Accountability to your goals
  • Help holding onto the big picture
  • Motivation and advice

Final Draft Review

You write on your own; I then review the complete book, with final feedback on...

  • Your structure
  • Your tone & style
  • The balance of information
  • Any gaps to fill
  • Your next step


I have questions...

Can you make my book happen?
Do I have to have a book planned or an idea for a book?
Do I need to be a writer?
How will a book help my business?
What subject areas do you work with?
How much time do I need to commit?
I want to do this, but I don't have the time.

Can you make my book happen?

Short answer: Yes. You will need to commit to your book: we'll set your writing goals together, to suit your speed, your other commitments, and your book. The weekly mentoring sessions will hold you accountable and keep your momentum going. I have high standards and realistic expectations - expect to write! Read my clients' testimonials to see what working with me is like (especially the one that says "Without Megan Kerr my book would never have been completed"). Look at some of the books they've written with my help. Then let's start with a chat to make your book happen.

Do I have to have a book planned or an idea for a book?
No. That's what the Find Your Book pack is for - to help you identify your expertise and choose what to write your book about.

Do I need to be a writer?
No - that's my job! You will write it yourself, but the idea is that you're an expert in your thing, I'm an expert in writing, and together we create your book.

How will a book help my business?
A book can position you as an expert, raise your status, earn you passive income, advertise for you, reach people you never will, and teach you far more than you teach. Different people will have different priorities, but all those things are gold mines.

What subject areas do you work with?
Everything! I'm intensely interested in how the world works and all the possibilities of micro-niches and expertise. In the past, I've worked on everything from mainstream business subjects (such as marketing) to Foucauldian architecture. That said, I don't work on specifically spiritual subjects, such as Law of Attraction - I'm more an Infinite Monkey Cage person. Otherwise, the world's my greedy oyster!

How much time do I need to commit?
This will vary, depending on your book project and your writing speed. In the first month, we'll plan your project, measure your speed, and set realistic goals. For a solid draft of a full-length book, allow 6-10 hours (excluding breaks). That's 2-3 evenings a week, or one full day and maybe an evening. If you're planning a shorter book, probably less. But don't be fooled: writing does take time.

I want to do this, but I don't have the time.
If your business just doesn't allow that weekly time commitment at the moment, you have several options. One is a short book or workbook that has less wordcount. Another is making good use of the content you already have (the Womble approach) - the Find Your Book pack helps you identify that. If you really want to commit but your time just doesn't allow the full whack, email me and we can talk about taking it over 6 months.

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