Greenhouse Editorial

Fiction writers

I help fiction writers revisit their overall narrative arc, refine their characterisation, balance their tension and pacing, enrich their setting and world, and develop their style. Through writing nine novels and dozens of short stories, and teaching creative writing for eight years, I've worked on honing every aspect of the creative process and story creation.

Developmental critique

Get a thorough overview of your book's strengths and weaknesses in style, plot, characterisation, etc, plus recommendations of what to do next.



Once your final draft has passed a developmental critique, get detailed line editing to refine your style, identify repetitions and tics, and check for continuity errors.


If you live near Oxford, UK, you may also be interested in The Writers' Greenhouse evening courses: Story Elements (the structure and key elements of stories), Starting Points (an introduction to multiple forms of creative writing), Imaginary Worlds (world-building for fantasy and science fiction), and the new poetry course (as yet unnamed!). For those further afield, I also run full-day workshops on summer Saturdays.