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Editing: perfect your book before it's published


Your finished book is almost ready to go: polish it up, smooth out any wrinkles, sort out the last gaps, and get it in perfect shape for publishing.

What editing do you need?

There are three main types of editing, depending what stage your book is at. Structural / developmental editing works on your book's overall shape and helps you develop its content. Style editing (also known as copy editing) works with the language, to help smooth it out. Proofreading checks that all the grammar, spelling, and punctuation are correct. If you haven't yet had your work critiqued by a professional, I will always recommend that you start with an editorial critique.

Structural editing

sorts out the structure so ideas flow smoothly and are well organised

  • a thorough analysis of your book's structure
  • reorganising chapters, sections, & paragraphs
  • adding occasional segue sentences
  • rewording to link ideas together

I work closely with you to discuss the new structure and any extra material it needs, and make sure any extra snippets stay in your voice. Structural editing is the most intensive (and expensive) kind of reworking - if you'd like help to rework the structure yourself, an editorial critique will help you do that. If I've been coaching you through writing your book, you will not need a structural edit.

Style editing

improves your style so the writing flows smoothly and hits the right tone for the reader

  • changing sentence structure
  • rewording phrases
  • altering word choice for better style
  • reorganising sentences within paragraphs

I'll always respect the spirit of your original work: a good edit keeps the writer's voice. No book should be published without a full style edit. This is especially important if you're self-publishing or partner-publishing.


makes sure it's error-free: this is the final step before the book is published.

  • perfect, natural grammar
  • correct punctuation and spelling
  • appropriate word choices (eg. I affect something and have an effect)
  • style-guide consistency
  • logical consistency

No book should be released, in print or digitally, without being professionally proofread - and not by the author. If I've coached you extensively or edited your book, I will recommend a different proofreader.

What next?

Email me and let me know the text's length in words (in Microsoft Word, Tools > Word Count will tell you) and what it's about. If you can, attach a sample page or two. We can then discuss what's best suited to you and book your work in.

Rates per word

Structural editing
Style editing

Note: if writing need substantial work, eg. multiple second-language errors, editing rates may apply for proofreading these. Project minimum: £200.

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Megan did far more and her comments went far deeper than I expected. She was terrific. I am a writer and editor myself - as a result I am VERY fussy. Megan is great. Jo Parfitt, Summertime Books

Megan is an editor par excellence. Her suggestions were bang on. Even when I truly didn't want to cut a section, I had to admit in every single case that Megan's proposed changes tightened the narrative and enhanced my message. Snap her up quickly for your book - she's a busy lady and you need her> Jae Minshall, The Thinking Tank


The Thinking Tank - Jae de Wylde - editing and restructuring Game of Inches by Nigel Collin - structural editing
The Grown-Up Business, Shirley Mansfield Herding Monkeys by Nigel Collin - structural editing
The Second Wives' Guide, Angela Vassallo Leading by Design - Irene van der Does
True Brand Toolkit by Michael Neaylon - editing and structural editing Entrepreneurs Under the Radar by Angelique Moljevic - editing
Time to Create a Better Life - Michele Tocci - critiques and editing Bite Me - Lynne Schinella
Flock Without Birds - Filip Douskey - critique and coaching

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