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Critique: Professional assessment of your book

Constructive Critique

You've written a draft - what next? Is it ready for publishing, does it need work, is it coming across right? Get a professional critique: quality-control for your book.

A critique is ideal when

  • you've finished your book and want to self-publish it: this kind of assessment is a crucial step before style editing
  • you want general feedback on your book before submitting it to traditional publishers
  • you're starting book coaching for a book you've part written
  • you're deciding your next step and can't see the wood for the trees
  • you're planning a book and have some writing done already - a draft, a batch of blog posts you want to draw on, some chapters, etc.

This is ideal when you want to work further on your book, and want professional input and detailed advice on what's working, what to develop, and what to change.

I give you a detailed assessment of your work: a written report (usually 3+ pages) with specific recommendations. We then arrange a time to speak for further feedback and discussion. You then have absolutely clear guidelines for how to rework it.

For non-fiction, the topics covered typically include

  • structure: your organising principle, your model, the logical flow of the whole book. (This is usually the biggest issue with non-fiction books and potentially the biggest editing expense if the editor needs to resolve this for you.)
  • content: areas that need more explanation or examples, the strength of arguments, how accessible your advice is for your audience
  • style: your voice, your register (formal, natural, informal), and how the writing will work for your target readers

For fiction, the topics covered typically include

  • structure: plot, your story's central narrative arc, how it flows, the balance between main plot and subplots, how effective the beginning and ending are, and any parts where the tension becomes slack or muddled
  • story elements: characters, point of view, setting / world-building, and theme
  • style: voice, stylistic strengths and weaknesses, use of detail


On average, for a full manuscript (60,000-100,000 words), a critique fee is approx £10 per 1,000 words + 300. For an exact quote, please contact me.

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I was amazed how quickly and thoroughly Megan understood the target vision. Her feedback was spot on, practical, provoking and very encouraging.

Working with Megan has been a turning point for the book, as she’s sought from the very start to bring the absolute best out of the material and my writing. She’s an enthusiastic and joyous brand ambassador who works with immense integrity and significant passion for the craft, while never losing sight of the business aims the book is written to achieve. Michael Neaylon


The Thinking Tank - Jae de Wylde - editing and restructuring Game of Inches by Nigel Collin - structural editing
The Grown-Up Business, Shirley Mansfield Herding Monkeys by Nigel Collin - structural editing
The Second Wives' Guide, Angela Vassallo Leading by Design - Irene van der Does
True Brand Toolkit by Michael Neaylon - editing and structural editing Entrepreneurs Under the Radar by Angelique Moljevic - editing
Time to Create a Better Life - Michele Tocci - critiques and editing Bite Me - Lynne Schinella
Flock Without Birds - Filip Douskey - critique and coaching

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